29 Nov

What changed with the Levelized Payment Plan?

The name changed to Budget Billing. This enhanced program will make it easier for you to budget for your monthly payments, despite seasonal variability. The new program will average your last 12 monthly billing periods so you can pay a more predictable, fixed amount for your electric service each month. We will recalculate the monthly budget amount each year on your enrollment anniversary. The difference between the billed amount and the actual amount of energy used is called a deferred amount, which will either be refunded as a credit or applied as a debit over the next 12 monthly payments.

Our program eligibility requirements have also changed. To remain on the program:

  • You must not owe an overdue balance or have a pending service disconnection order. Customers will become ineligible and will be automatically removed from the program for two instances of non-payment, where a service disconnection order is produced.
  • You must have not been disqualified in the past 12 months.

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