15 Nov

I’m a Paperless Billing customer. What changed?

The website where you login to view your bill has changed. You should have received a link to the new site – tecoaccount.com – and instructions on how to register your account and create a profile. You’ll continue to receive an email each month letting you know your bill is ready to view. We’ll include your account number, the amount due and the due date along with some information about programs and services you might be interested in or other company news. A few days before your bill is due we’ll send you another reminder.

If you schedule payments each month through the Paperless Billing website, you’ll need to log into your new online account to schedule payments. Once you enter your checking or savings account information, we’ll store it for future payments. You can also choose to “set it and forget it” by enrolling in Direct Debit, automatic recurring payments which will draft your bank account each month on your due date.

If you already are enrolled in recurring payments, your draft date is now your due date. That means if your December statement is due in January, your bank account will be drafted on the due date on that bill. Please make sure funds are available.

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