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Why am I getting multiple bills in one envelope? I would prefer to receive my bills separately.
As a convenience to our customers, we package bills going to the same address into one envelope. At any time, you have the option to receive your bills separately by emailing Tampa Electric or Peoples Gas with the request to opt out of this method.
I have a question about my account. How do I contact Tampa Electric or Peoples Gas?
We're here to help! Contact us with questions about your Tampa Electric or Peoples Gas account.
How did the 62+ Plan change? What is the new program name?
The program name changed to Due Date Plus, and it is now offered to eligible Peoples Gas customers. Here are the changes: The due date on your bill will be a total of 52 days from the statement date. Please note that you must pay your bill in full on...
What changed with the Levelized Payment Plan?
The name changed to Budget Billing. This enhanced program will make it easier for you to budget for your monthly payments, despite seasonal variability. The new program will average your last 12 monthly billing periods so you can pay a more predictable, fixed amount for your electric service each month....
I have multiple meters at my address. Will I receive one bill?
Residential customers with multiple meters at the same address (natural gas and electric, multiple electric, or multiple natural gas) can contact us and request a single bill. In most cases, we should be able to accommodate the request.
Why did you change the name on my account?
With our new system, you may have noticed some changes on your bill. For example, if you had two names in the billing address, you may only have one now. If you have any questions or need us to make a change, please contact us: Tampa Electric: 813-223-0800  Peoples Gas:...
I have recurring payments. What changed?
If you are enrolled in recurring payments (Direct Debit), your draft date is now your due date. That means if your December statement is due in January, your bank account will be drafted on the due date on that bill. Please make sure funds are available.
Will I be able to access my account online if I’m not on Paperless Billing?
YES! All customers have online access to their accounts from the device of their choice. Here’s a list of things you can do online at tecoaccount.com: View and pay bills online View billing and payment history Review real-time account balances Report electric outages for yourself or someone else and get...
I’m a Paperless Billing customer. What changed?
The website where you login to view your bill has changed. You should have received a link to the new site – tecoaccount.com – and instructions on how to register your account and create a profile. You’ll continue to receive an email each month letting you know your bill is ready to...
What are the impacts and benefits of the system upgrade?
New account number New bill design 24/7 online account access View and pay bills online View billing and payment history Real-time account balances Report electric outages and get real-time outage updates Report electric outages for someone else

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